About Us

AK Concrete Polishers Limited was formed by Rowan Clift as the vehicle to achieve his vision of a friendly, high quality owner-operator concrete grinding business, which specialises in the grinding and polishing of concrete floors. Rowan has 11 years of concrete grinding experience, which includes:

  • Being one of the pioneers within New Zealand of concrete polishing technology which avoids both curing time and offensive odours
  • Working on sites within New Zealand, Australia and Tonga
  • Eight years of project management experience
Rowan prides himself on offering an extremely high level of workmanship at competitive rates. Contact AK Concrete Polishers for your free quote today.

Our Services


AK Concrete Polishers’ main service is polishing concrete floors, the effect of which is similar to polished marble. In addition to this main service, our other services include:

  • Polishing marble and terrazzo surfaces
  • Glue removal from concrete
  • Concrete coatings removal
  • Concrete floor preparation for tiles, carpet, vinyl and paint
  • Tile uplifting
  • Tile cleaning and refurbishment
  • Repairing damaged concrete slabs (e.g. concrete with rain damage or delaminated concrete)
  • Concrete hump grinding (e.g. flattening trip hazards or unevenly laid services)
  • Polishing precast concrete (e.g. bench tops, fire hearths, steps, etc)
  • Polishing honed blocks

Why Polish Concrete?

Polished concrete is a hardwearing surface that not only looks good, but is also very practical. In addition to this, it is a sustainable and extremely cost effective way of enhancing your property in comparison to other flooring options such as carpet, lino and tiles, because most buildings already have an existing concrete slab that we can work with. Whether you are considering your flooring options for a retail property, commercial building or for your home, polished concrete is a superior flooring solution that provides many benefits:

  • Looks trendy
  • Is easy to clean
  • Improves natural lighting
  • Chicks dig it
  • Is low maintenance
  • Does not support mould growth
  • Reduces dust mite and allergen problems
  • Is long lasting

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